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Team Photos

The Duluth Eskimos' Ernie Nevers

Dayton Triangles vs Frankford Yellow Jackets (1926)

Columbus Panhandles (1915)

St. Louis Gunners (1934)

Steam Roller Football Club (1928)

Frankford Yellow Jackets

The Rochester Jeffersons' Leo Lyons

Providence Steamrollers' Stadium, The Cycledrome

Staten Island Stapletons (1930)

The "Four Horsemen" of Notre Dame

Rochester Jeffersons

Columbus Panhandles (1921)

Congerville Flyers (1915)

Columbus Panhandles @ Indianola Park (1910)

The Dayton Triangles' Lee Fenner

Canton Bulldogs vs. Massillon Tigers (1906)

Dayton Triangles (1920)

Hap Moran

Francis Dale "Hap" Moran of the Frankford Yellow Jackets

Frankford Yellow Jackets (1929)

Rochester Jeffersons

Milwaukee Badgers vs. Akron Pros

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